“The best lawyer ever!”

– Testimonial of ­Marijane McCarthy, Landlord

To whom it may concern,

Emil helped me through a time with a difficult tenant, and for his quick and reasonable advice, I am grateful. When a security deposit is dubbed, last month’s rent, and no recourse is clear, Emil (and his book) had many suggestions I found not only interesting but very helpful. Emil knows the law and when tenants choose to ignore it, he would be my “go to guy”. Thank goodness for his sense of humor too!

Kind Regards,

– Laura Meyer, IIDA, Principal Interior Designer

“Within ten days of filing the complaint Ward & Associates, Counselors at Law, PC had succeeded in stopping my opponents from spending approximately $400,000 of jointly owned money, as they also succeeded in forcing my ex­fellow officers into relieving me of personal liability for a sizeable debt. The balance of the litigation resolved out very favorably to me. Ward & Associates, Counselors at Law, PC was aggressive, creative, cost­ effective and very successful in achieving my goals. I would highly recommend them to handle any litigation, especially if it pertains to closely held corporate matters.”

– Testimonial of Joseph Gilmore, President, UTEC Constructors Corporation

“We hired Ward & Associates, Counselors at Law, PC to get rid of several grossly inflated mechanics’ liens which had no legal basis. As Mr. Ward predicted, he dissolved all of the liens. Ward & Associates, Counselors at Law, PC was very aggressive in defeating the liens which had held our construction project hostage. Our losses would have been even higher had Mr. Ward not moved so effectively and expeditiously. We highly recommend his services to any and all who are in need of excellent legal advice and representation.”

– Herbert Riggs, President RJRB, Inc.

“Ward & Associates, Counselors at Law, PC handled an eviction of a tenant for us whose antics had brought us to the point of anger, confusion, and extreme frustration before we hired Ward & Associates, Counselors at Law, PC. Ward & Associates, Counselors at Law, PC apprised us of relevant law. They were persistent in the eviction. It cost exactly what Ward & Associates, Counselors at Law, PC predicted that it would, which was within our budget. The tenant vacated when Mr. Ward said he would and under the terms predicted by Attorney Ward. We were very satisfied with the firm’s services. Hiring Ward & Associates, Counselors at Law, PC was well worth the money.”

– Shawn McGrath

“I would highly recommend Ward & Associates, Counselors at Law, PC to anyone in need of legal assistance with an employee disability insurance claim. In mid­ 1997, after having received disability claim payments for several years from my employer’s insurance company, the insurance company abruptly stopped all payments on my claim for no apparent reason, stating that they no longer considered me to be totally disabled, and that I could return to work. This left me with no income at all, and no medical and life insurance from my company group policy. I began using up my own savings for living expenses, and to pay for COBRA medical insurance. After some very stressful weeks, my primary physician referred me to Emil Ward. Emil quickly reviewed my medical records, and took the case and immediately began correspondence with the insurance company and with my several doctors. Emil was always patient, accessible, informative, and professional throughout this case. In less than nine months the insurance company gave in and reinstated my claim renewing my monthly checks and sending a check for all my previously unpaid benefits. Ward & Associates, Counselors at Law, PC got me everything that anyone could have gotten in this case, and I will always be grateful to them for that.”

– Tom Tuttle

Boston Landlord Eviction assistance 5.0 stars
Posted by a client
March 19, 2016

Hired attorney

“We worked with Emil Ward to evict “squatters” from a family home after a sudden death in the family. Mr. Ward carefully led us through every step of the process and quickly responded to our e mailed questions and concerns throughout. He came to court and worked with us through the mediation process­­ helping us come to a fair and enforceable agreement. Emil made a distressing situation bearable, and it did result in the eviction that was so important for us. We recommend Emil without reservation­­ and yes he did write the book (which gave us confidence). It was a pleasure to meet with him and work with him. Thank you Emil!”

Smart, kind and very effective 5.0 stars
Posted by a client
December 4, 2013

“Emil Ward helped me remove a very difficult tenant in a relatively short time. He fully appreciated how stressful the situation was, so he responded immediately to my emails with excellent strategies and comforting advice. In addition to being extremely smart and knowledgeable, he’s a kind person with a great sense of humor.”

Knows his stuff better than anyone else we worked with. 5.0 stars
Posted by Troy
May 12, 2013

“Attorney Ward and Associates were the 3rd firm we hired to evict our extremely difficult tenants. After 3 years of struggling with the Massachusetts courts to remove the tenants from the home, Attorney Ward was the only one who made any progress and was ultimately successful. He brought in his own experts to inspect and verify conditions and damage at the home and to testify in court. He was even able to get our homeowners insurance to cover most of his fees. No other attorney we worked with seemed to know enough about the laws and workings of the system to prepare an airtight strategy, or the experience to even suggest that homeowners insurance should cover the bill. We’re grateful to Attorney Ward for bringing a satisfactory end to a 3 year nightmare.”

We Highly Recommend Emil 5.0 stars
Posted by Rachel
April 17, 2013

Emil Ward was exactly who we needed to help us resolve the situation with our tenants; there is no way we could have proceeded without him. Our tenants were lawyers who showed a lack of attention to details prior to moving in but then proceeded to use their knowledge of the legal process to withhold rent and make accusations in any and every aspect they could, from habitability to lead to incompetence. Caught off guard and uncertain of our rights or our legal obligations, Emil Ward helped us gain clarity and perspective, and forge a path to end the dispute and reach a peaceful solution. Most importantly, Emil was patient and pleasant to work with, and made a painful situation much easier to handle. Emil’s counsel is well worth it!

5.0 stars
Posted by Debbie J
March 7, 2013

I am a real estate agent and I recently worked with Attorney Ward on a residential real estate sale where we represented a difficult buyer. Attorney Ward went over and above the call of duty, keeping both buyer and seller sides focused on the end game; the sale of the property. He handled a number of issues and concerns from both parties with professionalism and was a key component to bringing this sale to the closing table.

This was our first transaction together and I found Attorney Ward to be not only professional and completely competent but a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him and look forward to working with him again soon.

– Midstate Landlord

Reliable Lawyer with Confident Knowledge 5.0 stars
Posted by a Landlord & Tenant client January 25, 2013

I worked with Emil when there was a tenant issue. Emil was so confident in what he was saying and doing, and I was able to totally count on him.
He seems to have worked only for landlords for years. His expertise was something a landlord who has an issue can totally rely on. He represented me for important things in an excellent way, so that I can resolve issues.

When I asked him questions, he usually had solid answers. Great landlord lawyer.

Emil is great to work with on landlord-tenant law 5.0 stars
Posted by KM ­ Landlord
June 3, 2010

Attorney Emil Ward is affable, a good listener and easy to talk to. He has always treated me in a collegial but highly professional manner.

Emil is easy to work with. He makes a point of asking me if he has answered all of my questions every time we speak. He also has made a point of offering me the option of doing some of the preliminary non­legal document preparation myself. This has reduced the number of hours he has worked on my behalf and has saved me money.

Emil has helped me on several occasions with landlord-­tenant issues. On very short notice he has given me expert advice in situations with rapidly approaching deadlines. He has helped me craft landlord-­tenant agreement documents that put me in a very strong legal position regarding rapid resolution of landlord­-tenant conflicts. This will minimize my need for legal advice in the future.

In summary Emil has been very pleasant to work with, given me expert advice, worked on short notice, kept charges low and minimized my need for future legal services.

I highly recommend Attorney Emil Ward.

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