Condominium Conversion Legal Representation

One of the many services we provide for our clients is converting residential property to condominiums and Condominium Conversion Legal Representation.

We draft all of the conversion documents, the first deeds and arrange for the hiring of the architects or surveyors to draw the required plans.

After approval by the client, we arrange for the collation of documents and do the tasks necessary to complete the conversion of the property into separate condominium units. If the client desires, we assist with setting up the initial budget.

With interest rates stable for a long period, many property owners have converted their properties to condominiums and given up the business of landlording. If you have grown tired of being a landlord, it might be time to convert the property and sell the units as condominiums.

We can advise you as to the mandatory notice periods and first rights of refusal for units which are presently occupied.

We typically charge a flat fee for these services. The clients pay all recording and other incidental costs of conversion.

Call us today and let us put our in-depth experience to work for you solving your legal problems:

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