Consultation To Assess Cases and Issues

In over forty years of practice, in the landlord/tenant area, Mr. Ward’s experience, in almost every aspect of the real estate realm, is quite extensive.

Triaging or assessing the merit and value of cases is key to either plaintiff’s or defendant’s, and is something Attorney Ward does extremely well, which accounts for a very good rate of success.

The firm now offers to consult with other counsel in simply assessing the pros and cons of a particular case and laying out possible advantageous avenues to pursue including strategies, claims and defenses. Or, we would work on an ongoing consulting basis with attorneys who wish to do the bulk of in-court work, such as motions and/or depositions.

We will do this work on an hourly basis after the requisite conflicts check.

Please contact us to find out about more of these invaluable services.

Call us today and let us put our in-depth experience to work for you solving your legal problems:

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