Episode #4: Snow and Ice Removal

Don’t Get Burned In Real Estate, Episode #4: Snow and Ice Removal

As a landlord, what is your liability if someone slips and falls on your property due to ice or snow? Hint: it’s more than you think! In fact, injuries of this sort can cost you anxiety and money even if you have insurance. In this episode you’ll find out why. Here is a summary of some key lessons concerning your requirements to shovel, salt, and sand:

Many landlords falsely think that assigning the task of shoveling to their tenant will protect them against financial loss. This often isn’t the case. The tenant may not do duty or do poorly, and if that happens you might be included on the lawsuit. After all, you’re probably the one with the deep pockets.  Without knowing your situation, we can still suggest here that you may want to have someone hired to take care of this task if you can’t do it yourself because of all the risks involved.

Rules change based on what city you are in. Boston ordinances give you three hours after the snow has ended to shovel the sidewalk (if it is daytime). Cambridge, on the other hand, gives you 12 hours or before 1:00pm the day following the snow storm. To find out the laws in your city or town, check out their website, or for extra support you could contact our law firm.


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